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Increase flash drive storage space:
Compresses files up to 20% - 50% of their original size, allowing flash drives to store up to 5 times capacity.
Compression testing:
Operating System: windows XP Service Pack 3
CPU: Intel Pentium dual-Core E5200 @2.5GHz
RAM: 512MB


Compression (%)

doc (text only format) 22%
txt 50%
exe 40%
bmp 19%
pdf 67%
wav 81%
jpg 84%
ppt (text only format) 31%
ppt (text + photo format) 79%
Note: Compression percentage may vary due to host hardware and file format.

Drag and drop ease of use:
ACE is simple to use with no complicated interface. To compress files, just drag and drop the file(s) to the flash drive directory. It is that easy!

Password protection:
The file security, implemented via a password prompt, is activated when the Handy Steno flash drive is plugged in. ACE not only compresses files, but can also secure your personal data.
Preset directory settings:
When files are dragged and dropped into ACE, the compressed files can be saved into the directory you choose. This directory can easily be set or changed.
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